Getting Started


How to Read Your Packing Slip

Every product shipment from the OCS comes with a shipment pack list. This packing slip has been designed, using retailer feedback, to make reconciling your shipment with your order as easy as possible.
Sam Stilson
June 6, 2019

Availability of Cannabis Products

Since the launch of a new recreational cannabis industry, supply from federally licensed producers has been limited relative to the enthusiasm from Canadians for legal, tested, recreational cannabis. As producers work to enhance their operations, OCS Wholesale is taking steps…
January 18, 2019

Orders & Payment


Advance Payments Required for OCS Wholesale Orders

OCS Wholesale has adopted a pre-payment system for all orders placed by Licensed Retailers. Prior to releasing orders for delivery to Authorized Stores, payments for all purchases must be received in full. To avoid cancellation and/or any resulting fees, the…
January 21, 2019

Helping Customers

Cannabis Education


Why Legal Cannabis Is More Expensive

While prices on the illegal market can sometimes be lower, it’s important to consider why. HIGHLIGHTS Growing conditions for legal cannabis are strictly monitored and regulated by Health Canada. Legal cannabis undergoes strict and rigorous testing. The exact contents in…
Sam Stilson
June 4, 2019