Retailer Support


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Your First Order

After the AGCO has issued your Retail Operator License and your Retail Store Authorization Number, please notify the Client Service Centre to set up your account and you will be informed of your initial order and delivery date.

When planning your store opening date and after receiving your Retail Store Authorization from the AGCO, please allow a minimum of 15 business days from point of contact with the Client Service Centre to place your first store order.

The OCS will assign an order and delivery schedule for each Authorized Retail Store. Buy Sheets will be available on the OCS Wholesale site for Licensed Retailers to download on their assigned day of the week as designated by the OCS at 7 AM EST.

Prior to your initial order, your assigned OCS Account Manager will meet with you to show you how to complete the Buy Sheet and will also be available to support your initial order.

Placing Weekly Orders

Your Buy Sheet must be submitted on your assigned order day no later than 12 PM EST via email to to receive your shipment.  We cannot accept any order submission beyond this deadline. Missing the deadline will result in forfeiting your opportunity to buy products for that week.

You’re under no obligation to order every week, however it is important to know that the Buy Sheet of available inventory will likely change each week, and we cannot guarantee that all the same products will be available from week to week.

How to Place an Order

Visit to access the “PLACE ORDER” link, located in the top navigation bar. Once you click the link, you will be taken to a secure login page.

Log in to your Licensed Retailer account using your provided login information. If you do not have an account or experience any issues logging in, please contact the OCS Wholesale Client Service Centre at 1-877-627-1627.

Download the Buy Sheet for your designated order day to your device.  Open the file and add your unique retailer ID to the Buy Sheet and select wholesale cannabis products and accessories from the available inventory.  Fill in your desired quantities in the “TOTAL REQUESTED QUANTITY’ (yellow) column. For more detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to fill out the Buy Sheet, please read the Buy Sheet Article.

Review your submission for completeness and ensure you have all the funds currently available to meet the prepayment terms.

Submit your order on your assigned date by 12 PM EST or it will not be accepted. Email the completed order to

Await confirmation from OCS Wholesale. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 10 minutes, please contact the Client Service Centre at 1-877-627-1627.