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Product Delivery and Receiving

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To ensure the safe, secure and appropriately tracked delivery of cannabis across Ontario, all shipping is provided by an OCS authorized carrier(s). Deliveries can only be made directly to the authorized store for which the order was placed.

Responsibilities of the Licensed Retailer include:
1. Advising OCS Wholesale of any timing or access restrictions for deliveries upon account set-up.
2. Ensure there is a clear path to the delivery area, taking into consideration the method of delivery.
3. Be sure to have an authorized staff member present to receive and sign off on the delivery.
4. Advise the Client Service Centre at 1-877-627-1627 and your OCS Wholesale Account Manager of any changes to your delivery requirements or store closures as soon as possible.
Note: The delivery courier is responsible for bringing the delivery to the threshold of the store.

 Accepting Product Deliveries

Licensed Retailers must ensure an authorized staff member is available to receive the during your scheduled delivery window, and they must be prepared to:

Accept Full Delivery: The entire order must be accepted. If you notice a shortage, overage, or damage, accept the entire order and clearly mark the discrepancy on all copies of the Bill of Lading (BOL) (see Appendix F in the Retailer Agreement). If a shortage, overage or damage is discovered after accepting a delivery, you will have 7 days to submit a Return Authorization form (see Appendix D in the Retailer Handbook).
Count Cases & Pallets: The number of cases and pallets accepted must be clearly marked on the driver’s copy of the BOL; if the total number of cases and pallets received does not match the total on the BOL, make a note of the difference on all copies of the BOL.

Sign the Bill of Lading: Both the authorized staff member and the driver must sign all copies of the BOL. The BOL includes any proof of delivery (POD) document substituted by the carrier.
Avoid Delays: The authorized staff member may not delay the driver to conduct a product-by-product inventory check. The accuracy of the order is the responsibility of the Licensed Retailer not the carrier.

Receiving Your Order

UPDATE: Any order placed on or after Monday, July 13, 2020 will receive two deliveries from two separate trucks within a single 3-hour-delivery window. Occasionally, these shipments may be consolidated onto one truck – if so, you will receive prior notification from the Client Services Team.

Once your order arrives:
• Verify that the number of boxes match the carrier’s paperwork before signing for the order
• Retrieve your packing list from the driver
• After signing for the order, verify the contents of each box by matching to the packing slip

Report any variance within 24 hours of delivery to

TIP: If you are still building your store location, having a large, double door wide enough to receive pallets will make receiving deliveries easier for the carrier and your staff (Ideally 48 x 40 inches or more).

Delivery Charges

OCS Wholesale will use a standard transportation rate for Licensed Retailers across the province. The rate will be reviewed regularly and may be adjusted at the discretion of the OCS. We will provide notice in advance of changes to the transportation rate.

The transportation rate is inclusive of all surcharges, like fuel and material-handling equipment.

Special material-handling equipment, such as pallets or totes, may be used as part of the delivery to License Retailers. To help mitigate increases in the transportation rate, you must send back empty pallets.

Holiday Delivery Schedule

If an order or delivery date is affected by a statutory holiday, OCS Wholesale will communicate, in advance, a schedule that mitigates order and delivery disruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will totes be available on both deliveries?
A: At this time, select carrier partners will not be using totes to promote physical distancing and safety among drivers and retailer staff.

Q: Will my orders show up on a single pallet?
A: No, in most cases, your order will be split into two deliveries that will be delivered to your store on separate trucks.

Q: Is there an increase to cost for retailers?
A: No, there is no anticipated change in cost for retailers. Retailers will continue to be charged the same unit cost on all items, excluding the “Rolling Paper and Cones and Filters” sub-category. The $200 minimum shipping threshold will remain in effect for the foreseeable future to help reduce higher transportation costs and other logistical complexities posed by the current COVID-19 situation.

Q: Why are you sending two trucks?
A: OCS is currently expanding its distribution network to support the increase in authorized cannabis retailer stores in Ontario, as well as OCS’ online customers. In order to facilitate this transition, retailer orders will be split into two deliveries on two trucks.

Q: Should we expect an increase in overages, shortages, or other shipping discrepancies?
A: As we expand and grow our distribution network, it is possible that the fill rate on your order is impacted. Our goal is to mitigate any shipping discrepancies as we serve our retail store network.

Q: Who do I contact if I am missing a delivery?
A: Please contact our Client Services Centre at 1-877-627-1627 to report any missing deliveries.

Q: Will I see any changes to my delivery window?
A: You may see changes to your delivery as additional cannabis stores open in your area. Your confirmed delivery window will continue to be sent to you, along with your Sales Order Confirmation, the same day you place your order.

Q: Will the deliveries be staggered? I don’t have a lot of space to accept the deliveries.
A: Both deliveries will be scheduled within the same, 3-hour delivery window. Our carrier partners will do their best to ensure they are not obstructing store access when making deliveries.

Q: Will my receival paperwork be changing?
A: Yes. You can expect to receive the following order documentation on orders placed on or after Monday, July 13th:

  • One Order Submission Confirmation
  • One sales order confirmation (which will include your delivery window)
  • One PAD payment (minus any credits on your account)
  • Two Sales Order invoices
  • Two Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs)
  • Two Bills of Lading (BOLs)
  • Two physical packing slips

Please note: You will be receiving two ASNs that correspond to each delivery truck. The ASNs may not be sent at the same time; if you do not receive both before your delivery, please reach out to Client Services.