How much supply does OCS Wholesale currently have?

Although we cannot share specific information about our supply on-hand, the OCS works closely with federally licensed producers to provide Ontarians with a selection of legal recreational cannabis products through and Authorized Stores.

Will there be limits on the supply of cannabis for Licensed Retailers?

Given national supply constraints, OCS Wholesale will prioritize the fair distribution of available cannabis amongst all Licensed Retailers. Cannabis orders submitted by Licensed Retailers will be subject to a monthly maximum purchase limit to ensure a reasonable amount of supply is available on a regular basis for each Authorized Store.

Will OCS Wholesale have enough supply for 25 stores?

We continue to work closely with licensed producers to source a selection of legal recreational cannabis products for and all Licensed Retailers.

How does OCS Wholesale source cannabis and cannabis accessories?

We source cannabis and cannabis accessories through regular open and competitive product calls open to all federally licensed cannabis producers and accessory suppliers. Open product calls allow the OCS to source a variety of cannabis products and cannabis accessories at a range of price points.

What kinds of cannabis products will the OCS sell to Licensed Retailers?

We only sell cannabis products that are permitted under federal legislation. We intend to offer an assortment of dried cannabis, pre-rolls, oils, capsules and seeds for sale to Licensed Retailers. OCS Wholesale will work to expand its assortment of products to include new product categories once they are permitted under federal legislation – including cannabis edibles, extracts and topicals.

Where does the OCS source products from?

The OCS currently sources cannabis from 31 producers licensed by Health Canada. Cannabis accessories are sourced from 10 accessory suppliers. All products we source are evaluated for various characteristics and their compliance to applicable laws and we continually source new suppliers and products to add to our assortment.

Orders and Delivery

Who is the primary contact for a Licensed Retailer?

Licensed Retailers will be provided contact information for an OCS Wholesale Account Manager shortly after receiving their Retail Operators Licence (ROL) from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO).

What is your return policy for Licensed Retailers?

OCS Wholesale does not accept returns on orders sold to Licensed Retailers except for the following circumstances:

  • Products that are damaged upon delivery to Authorized Stores
  • Products delivered that are not accurate to orders submitted
  • Products that are subject to a recall issued in consultation with Health Canada

More details on returns and recalls will be shared directly with Licensed Retailers.

How will delivery schedules be determined?

Each Authorized Store will be assigned a delivery schedule prior to first delivery.

How can Licensed Retailers purchase accessories for re-sale in their store?

Cannabis accessories may be ordered from OCS Wholesale or directly through a third party at the discretion of the Licensed Retailer.

Can Licensed Retailers order cannabis directly from a licensed producer?

No. Licensed Retailers must only purchase cannabis for re-sale in an Authorized Store from OCS Wholesale.

Will cannabis arrive retail ready (pre-packaged) or sold in bulk (requiring re-packaging)?

In accordance with federal legislation, all cannabis products will be received from federally licensed producers in pre-sealed customer facing units. Dried cannabis will be sold in units of 1 gram, 3.5 grams, 7 grams and 15 grams. Pre-rolls, oils, capsules, and seeds will come in packaged units of various sizes depending on the product.

Will the OCS Wholesale charge a fee for delivery to Authorized Stores?

Yes, the OCS Wholesale will charge a cost recoverable delivery fee on all orders. Details will be provided directly to authorized retailers.

Can Authorized Stores pick up orders directly from OCS Wholesale?

No. All products will be shipped directly to Authorized Stores by carriers authorized by OCS Wholesale.

Can Authorized Stores request specific cannabis products or cannabis accessories from OCS Wholesale that customers request?

We welcome feedback from Authorized Stores on our product catalogue. Input and feedback received from Authorized Stores will be an important tool to help guide OCS Wholesale considerations for sourcing cannabis products and cannabis accessories.


Can you provide details on wholesale pricing?

Wholesale pricing information will be made available to the initial 25 Authorized Stores once they have completed the preliminary steps of the AGCO’s regulatory process.

Can Authorized Stores set their own retail prices?

Yes, Authorized Stores are permitted to set customer-facing retail prices at their own discretion.